Sunday, March 14, 2010

Overgrown Monkeys!

Even though a number of you have already seen these monkeys I figured I'd post it up for fun anyhow.
This was a test illustration I did up for a Children's book pitch I am currently toiling in (writing is such a beastly process!)

I hope you enjoy these hairy overgrown monkeys!


  1. lovely staches. I wish I could grow one that birds could sit in...

    Nice work...I'm liking the sparse background - makes for some wicked silhouettes!

  2. Words fail how much I love this illustration!

    My children will grow up with a library full of monkeys with mustaches!

  3. Monkey Mustache Madness!!! Love the over-grown homosapians, you've been putting so much into this idea and it looks amazing :D