Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Blood, Sweat and Tears!

Here is a banner we can use for our blog! Yay!!! I tried uploading it directly but I can't remember the password. Chad probably went and changed it on me!

I hope everyone likes it! I did a ton of trial and error but I'm pretty happy with the outcome! And I think I've become strictly a Flash artist now... I tried doing this in Photoshop and it kicked my a$$! Haha!

This entry should really be called "Blood, Sweat, Tears, Coffee, Tea, Wine, Coolers, Coke, OJ and a hella lot of Cough Syrup!" But I think it was all worth it! :P

Please crit and let me know what you all think!!!

p.s. It's such an enormous image because I couldn't bear to lose the quality from the vector version! I wish we could upload swfs!


  1. I approve of this, because it's very Flapjack-y.

    Good job, Flash Artiste. I'm actually really surprised at what you're able to pull off in Flash.

  2. I approve of this because its awesome!!
    Great Job Monique!!
    Tis a mighty fine header indeed, and kudos on the flash skills!

  3. the water reflection looks amazing!! I don't know how you did that, but it looks incredible! The whole piece is awesome!

  4. Thank you so much guys! I had a ton of fun working on this!

    And my "Flash skills" are more like "Hack-and-slash skills". I'm sure there are WAY easier methods to do what I did, I just flailed my way through! :P

  5. Nice work Monique! This looks awesome!

  6. I've been slackin' on comments and posts, so this is a real late message. OMG!! AMAZIN' BANNER!! I just LOOOoove it with all the crazy arms :D