Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cardboard isn't just for Hobos!

Hey Everyone,
Thought I'd post up some doodles I recently did on scraps of cardboard.
Always fun playing with different mediums!


  1. I really need to get off my ass and experiment with different mediums. I'm dying to, but I'm too scared to follow through.

    these are very cool! I think my new fav is that white and brown dog with the crazy ears. Really nice job on the blending of the orange on the tiger, too.

  2. 'Tis a marvelous chunk of a tiger!

    Love the stylisation on the zebra's face as well. Good show, old chap!

  3. Wow, this looks amazing!! Who would have thought that cardboard isn't just for hobos!

  4. Thank Yas!!
    Cardboard is sweet as you can freely experiment and fool around without worrying about making it its just cardboard! Unlike buying a canvas or something to experiment where you feel obligated to make something awesome.

  5. Was that part of a hobo's home you ripped off and made into art?
    Great work on making it beautiful! Love the zed-bra :)

  6. Love all the personalities that these cardboard creatures have!! I think the hound is my fav! :P I'm going to have to try makin' art out of hobo housing!